Reflective Journal Wk 14

1. What did you actually learned from the unit.

Leaders and supervisors have a responsibility to motivate their employees. Coming up with ways to do this proved to be a lot harder than I originally anticipated. 

2. Discuss your feelings/experiences from the team activities? Did it change your opinion on the subject? If so, how? If not, why?

It was really difficult to think of ways to make employees like their jobs more and be motivated to work harder. I had to think of all the ways my employers and bosses would come up with ways to make me feel more motivated at work. I also learned that congress is being lobbied to benefit pharmaceutical companies, rather than lowering the price for customers. 

3. How you will utilize the information learned in your nursing practice.

I’m not sure how I can fight and argue for lower drug prices, and not focusing on lower costs for manufacturing companies. And I will remember some of the suggestions my group members mentioned of ways to motivate employees. 

4. You personal feelings about the material covered.

I am realizing more and more how hard it would be to become a nurse leader or manager. It is seeming more daunting and more a position that I am not interested in anymore. 

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